I can see!

Technology is cool. Thanks to lasers and stuff, my vision is perfect now. Not only I got my eyes fixed, but I got to experience the best customer service in Estonia.

Estonians: for best silma laseroperatsioon turn to KSA:)


I'm noticing there's a stark difference in my productivity based on where I'm at. During the last year in Panama and in the US I was hyper productive and accomplished so much. Based on my track record I made plans for work I intended to get done in Estonia... but then life happened.

I am surprised how much time relationships take... and how much time it takes "just to feel home".
I guess my productivity level is increasing as time passes and as I am getting more and more used to the place again.

Two lessons here:
1) when going back home after having been away for a long time, don't plan to get much work done the first month
2) when you need to be really productive, go somewhere where you hardly know anyone

Politically incorrect, but funny

To win a trip to China you have to answer a few simple questions:

1. Which one of the students is sleepy?
2. Which two of the students are twins?
3. How many students are female?
4. Who is the teacher in the picture