The Secret

Everyone is talking about it. I think you better watch it too. I found it quite intriguing. I see many parallels in my life where I think the Law of Attraction was at work. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. I decided to test "The Secret" out for myself. Seeing is believing, right? I will keep you posted. Here's the trailer:

What's your standard?

Do you love your job? Is okay good enough? Are you satisfied with the way things are? If not, then what exactly are you going to do about it?

I believe people have natural talents and considerable amount of innate potential. I believe we spend about 1/3 of our adult life at work. I believe we all are capable of being passionate.

So if you have a job where you don't feel as happy as you potentially could be, I think you deserve better. If it's Tuesday and you're waiting for the weekend to begin, you deserve better. If you haven't grown much in your job (in some x period), why keep on going? If you don't get enough praise for the work you do, why tolerate it?

Why waste time? Why waste life? We CAN live an extraordinary life, if we choose to. No one can stop us from choosing to live an amazing life. I believe the fault is that many of us think "okay" is good enough. The voice of society often tries to convince us that its okay if we don't live our dream. "It pays the bills" is NOT good enough. Why choose something tolerable if we can choose something better? Screw the people who tell you to get a safe job and be happy with it. If you only take small risks, you are only entitled to a small life. Do you want to live a mediocre life? Didn't think so.

Set the standard higher. I know I do.

Fight for survival

How many of you feel that taking care of basic survival is stopping you from living the life you want to live? I mean do you feel that doing your 9-5 (or whatever) job to earn money to buy food (and other necessities) is not enough to live the life you want?

Let's say you want to visit Vanuatu. Then a month later you wanna go to France. Then you wanna do some cool stuff elsewhere. Go to the forest and pick berries. But you can't 'cause A) you might not have enough money, and B) you have used up all your vacation days!

Is it okay that we accept this without questioning? Is it fine that we spend this one, precious life like this - not living the life we truly want! And deserve!

I'm not saying we are suffering because of that - there is plenty of joy. What I'm saying is that life could be much more than that. There has to be much more to life than that. Raise the bar! Set higher standards! We deserve more! I demand more!

Time to take action.


I haven't posted much pictures recently, so I decided to do that now. Today is Friday, first day of the weekend. This is my Friday in pictures.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Yesterday I went for the first time to an Arab gents saloon. As Arabs are a minority in this country, I have previously always gone to Indian or Filipino places - because they are everywhere and always close by when you need one.

First of all they were surprised to see a white guy entering their saloon. When another customer entered and saw me he burst out laughing and then they were all talking in Arabic and I didn't understand anything except that it was about me. It felt a bit uncomfortable.

But the guy servicing me was a nice Syrian dude and we talked about life and universe. At one point he ask if I want to get rid of the small hair in my ears. I was a bit surprised at first and then said "sure, if there are any". The guy took out a lighter(!) and burned the hair. "This is much better, then no grow back!" he exclaimed with a big smile. It didn't burn me, so I was fine with it. I even liked it.

Next he pointed out that the skin of my face is a bit too oily and proposed an appropriate procedure. So this was the first time in my life I underwent a cosmetic face procedure (see how ignorant I am, I even don't know what to call it!). 3-4 times they put some creme on my face and then several times some machine was rubbing my face and then another one was sucking my face. As my eyes were closed I don't really know what they did! It took 45 minutes and I have to admit, my face feels really nice right now.

Oh, and they cut my hair too.

Why be an average guy any longer

This is a subject of a spam e-mail I got today. Sometimes these spams have funny as hell subjects. And somebody has to come up with those cool subjects to make a living. If there's a brainstorming team behind it, Im sure they have loads of fun every day. It would cool to be in their team for a day.

Most of the spam mails are trying to sell me viagra and penis enlargement stuff.

Some more examples from my spam folder(warning, might contain foul language):

Do you want to feel success, have fantastic, pretty ass?
She will love you more than any other guy
Separate yourself from other men
Your dream is to be wanted and desired by women?
She's asking you to prove your love to her
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Your mind is saying let’s go but your dick is saying “no”
After taking Penis Enlarge Patch, you will have to use the condom of the biggest size
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Your sex popularity is in your hands and in the hands of Ultra Allure Pheromones
Do you want to be the king of the party?
With Penis Enlarge Patch your cock will grow like on yeast
The difference between a big and small penis is like the difference between a tiger and a cat
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Even if you don’t like the way you look, a big dick from Penis Enlarge Patch can make up for the rest
With our Soft Cialis Tabs you can even have sex with your ex
It doesn’t matter that you don’t have any feelings for her, with Super Viagra you can have it if you want her
Do you want to possess the whole world?
... etc ...

Somebody can base their bachelor's thesis on the brand messages of spam! I see a strong alignment in the messages :)