The Real Christmas is What You Grew Up With

I've spent 3 Christmas's in the last 4 years abroad - away from home. And not a single one of them felt like "real Christmas" (especially when its like +25 outside!). All the elements were there - food, presents, Christmas tree, music, good people. But still. So I guess nothing can be an equally good substitute to a Christmas that you grew up with. We have this emotional stamp in the brain, formed in the childhood when Christmas was so very exciting.

So next year Im going to spend Christmas at home again to experience that sweet emotion that I consider Christmas feeling.

I gave it some thought, and decided to change the world

Am I playing too small, I asked myself? After giving it some thought, I decided that I will change the world. After all, its possible. And I have a vision I want to realize. I'll tell you all about it later.

If I haven't changed the world by the time I'm forty, I'll become a painter.

Writing the blog

What has kept me from writing into this blog more often is the fact that I put more focus right now into my business blog on internet marketing. So sometimes even when I have had something to say, I haven't as it seems difficult to find the time.

So Im changing the format - mostly for my own fun. Im gonna try twitter-style postings (a bit longer still) that capture the essence of what I am thinking right now and what I want to say to the world (yes, that includes you).

It's Friday night and I feel I've been working too much recently. So I decided to stop. For the night, at least (and watch "Pay It Forward" which I haven't still for some reason).

Look at this scene: