I love my life

The other day here in Hawaii we were looking for a restaurant to get some food, and we stumbled upon a really great one which happened to be packed. What the hell, we wondered. Then we realized: it was lunch time (on Monday). When you live your life as you please then you start to forget about these things - that people follow a certain routine.

They wake up with an alarm clock to go to work. They have a set lunch hour. And then they get to go home. This reality seems so far from me now. I have forgotten what it was like to have a job like I have forgotten what it was like to wear glasses. I am so much used to my current reality.

I was talking to Sarah yesterday and we acknowledged how lucky we are. Some of our age people are still making the transition into the world of jobs (from the world of studying), we have already transitioned out of it.

I love my life and I love what I do. Like the saying goes: if you love what you do you, you won't work for a single minute in your life. It's all a fun adventure.


Hawaii is a kind of a paradise. It has what you would expect from a postcard beautiful tropical place - white sands, teal color water and lots of palm trees. But it's so much more diverse. We're on a Big Island (Hawaii) right now and its amazing. It has mountains, live volcanos (heading to see flowing lava soon), arid deserts, forests, jungle, green hills. Also it has several seasons at the same time. Its hot and sunny on the beaches on one side of the island, raining on the other side and cool and chilly up in the mountains (even snowy).

The local beer is amazing. The local coffee is great - I'm learning a lot about the world famous Kona coffee (and drinking a lot too). We went to a coffee festival today and I got to observe the judges comparing different coffees in a competition. I was told there are more than 200 different fragrances and tastes to coffee that the pros can tell. Coffee world is a lot like the wine world.

Hawaii is amazing for snorkeling and diving. Ive seen a lot of colorful sea world representatives and amazing sights. Today I saw an eal eating an octopus - not more than 1 meter away from me.

Hawaii is definitely a place where one could live. Even though the cost of living is relatively high (the transporation of good to Hawaii increases the price of everything), I and everybody Ive met is truly happy here. The quality of life is just so much higher when you live in a beautiful place.

Being back in the tropics (after being away for 6 months) made me realize how much Ive fallen in love with it. I feel so light and happy in the midst of the lush greenery and beauty like nowhere else. I am more determined than ever to buy my tropical paradise of my own - just need to visit now all the possible locations to decide on one:)

Some random videos:


I spent the of the election day among Americans. The whole day felt like Christmas. It was a cool experience for me to witness the atmosphere of the night and the sincere joy when Obama won. He has instilled hope like no other. People feel this is the beginning of a new era.