Bye Estonia, hello Austin

Three and a half months I spent in Estonia went by quickly. There is always something magical about being home - and it is easy to get used to it. Even though I have been away for most of the time for the past 3 years, its always great to come back and find that all the people close to you are still close. And some even closer now.

Another thing I found is that even though I was in Estonia for 3.5 months, I only met some friends of mine 1-2 times during the whole period. Sometimes being apart 10 000 kilometers or 10 kilometres doesn't seem to make a big difference. And it's not just me - many of my friends shared that they don't see each other that often either. That makes me feel better - that I am not missing out on that much :) 

While my experience back home was great - I was ready to leave in the end. I accomplished by business goals and spent quality time with my people. 3,5 months gave me enough dosage of home so I can go without for quite some time. I also made sure I experienced the best that home can offer while I was there. This year due global climate change the summer weather was the worst (coldest) in the last 100 years which also made leaving easier in the end. 

Now I am going to set myself up in Austin, TX. All visitors welcome!

Spam warning

A virus or trojan hijacked my mailbox and spam was sent out to everybody in my address book... delete this as I'm not the sender. I will try to do damage control now...