Next adventure

I've been laying low and living a quiet chill-out life. Spending time with my family, resting in the forest, hanging out with my friends. Just what I needed and wanted. But now - it's time to move on and get ready for the next adventure.

So in about 2 weeks or so me and Sarah will be going to - Panama City. The goals for me will be to learn Spanish and get to know the local culture and the region. Latin America is an undiscovered place for me, so I bet my time there will be an eye-opener and a learning experience, not to mention the amount of fun I'm gonna have there.

I'm sure many of you would ask what will I do there? For some time now I've been doing some work for Frontier TV, an ethical business & living internet TV channel. I only require an internet connection to do the job, hence I am granted total mobility. So basically I can live anywhere in the world. Now I am taking advantage of this opportunity and Panama City is where I'm gonna hang out for some time.

Once I'm there, I will start sharing my experiences in the New World via this blog.

What to do with my life?

This is a question most of us ask ourselves, and it is often really difficult to answer. Journey of soul searching, trying to figure out what our passion is might take years. I have tried to find myself and my one purpose for a few years now and I know first hand how hard it can be.

The one thing I have learned is that only those who seek will find. So I have gathered the best resources out there and created a website called The One Question that aims to help people finding the answer to the question 'what to do with my life?'

Go ahead and check it out, let me know what you think. It's still in the testing phase, so let me know if you come across any bugs or if you feel the content could be improved somehow. I appreciate it!


Green Challenge

All my dear socially responsible friends, now the time has come to think. It is imperative you that you go to and submit your idea that will save the world.

Green challenge is about inventing ways for a greener lifestyle. Invent a product or service that can help to restore the planet's harmony, submit it to the competition by 30 August, and you could win € 500,000. Richard Branson is the chairman of the jury.

I for sure am gonna think of it hard. So Peep saves the planet! Or do you have a better idea?