What's going on?

I've been in Austin now for over a month. Life has slowly taken a "normal" route. Highlights of the past 30 days:

  • I have a home now - when visiting me here in Austin you can stay at my place.

    Property rental system is totally different from any country I've been to or heard of. Here if you want to rent a place you have to fill in an application and pay a fee(!). The fee can be $100+ per person (yes, if you gonna share the place with smbdy both of you have to pay), averaging about $30. And that doesn't even guarantee that you get the place. Totally ridiculous, I know. This system frustrated me so many times. But I guess if you know no other system, you just take it and think "that's the way things are and I have to accept it".
  • I am continuing to enjoy the life of an internet entrepreneur. I had a successful launch of my e-course in Estonia and have great plans for this for the near future. Next week I should launch my online PR business too.

    I am also starting a new business here with my pal Ross (Sarah's sister's husband) - hope to launch the product before Christmas. If all things go well I will also launch a product for Spanish-speaking market before the year is over. So many plans, too little time. But it's fun. I really enjoy entrepreneurial ventures, and can't even think what it's like to have a job.
  • I started a 100% healthy lifestyle. I work out at least 3 times a week and maintain a very healthy diet. The more I get into it, the more I enjoy it. I am also using myself as a "before and after" case study in the upcoming workout product.
  • I am integrating into the local culture. I watched all the presidential debates (in Austin strong majority supports Obama). I attended a local internet marketers networking event. So far I haven't been too busy making relationships and developing friendships - this has its good sides (more time to work on my exciting projects) and downsides (less casual fun).
  • Sarah started a jewelry business which is taking off pretty fast. She had a booth at two handicraft fairs and sold a ton. I was helping her do the events and got some cool trade show marketing experience. Bill Murray came to our stand and I even managed to exchange 5 words with him.
  • Planning to go to Hawaii next month for 10 days or so to visit Sarah's sister Lily.
Summary: life's good.

And finally - looking for a travel mate! I am planning to do a trip through the whole Central America: Mexico-Belize-Guatemala- El Salvador-Honduras-Nicaragua-Costa Rica-Panama. Fun and adventure hand in hand + I intend to dedicate some days to working when internet is available. I am thinking to go some time early 2009 and take maybe up to 2 months (I don't wanna run through it, I want to enjoy the time).

Who's interested?