I'm an AIESECer

AIESEC has a new recruitment campaign called "I am an AIESECer". I am featured on one of the campaign posters (used in Estonia) that is focused on entrepreneurship.

My yearbook photos

I stumbled upon this cool website - yearbookyourself.com. You can make these cool photos of yourself:

Sad for Georgia and disappointed in the world

I haven't written about Georgia yet, but seeing this made me really disappointed in the world:

This is a poll result from CNN.com. Unless this is the result of spam voters from Russia (which is not impossible), it is very troubling that the world sees what is going on in Georgia as "just one those fights in a country nobody has ever heard of nor cares about". Russia's propaganda machine has been quite successful (luckily not as successful as they hoped).

Just when a year ago I felt pretty safe about my own country's independence, I am not anymore. Russia's attack on Georgia is a straightforward proof that even though it's the 21st century, Russia can do what the hell it wants and nobody is going to do anything about it. Yes, there are people protesting in so many countries against the Russian attack. I am proud that Estonians have supported Georgia so much with it's demonstrations. While this is necessary - we have to speak up against what is wrong - sadly this is not going to change much.

Europe is afraid. Or maybe more hungry for Russia's gas than afraid. If (or when?) the gas pipeline from Russia to Europe (Germany) will be built, it will be such an easy excuse for Russia to launch an attack against the Baltics with the excuse to protect the gas pipeline (and of course the Russian minority) and the gas hungry Europe will just agree to this as gas is more important than values.

The EU still hasn't formed an official opinion. With the exception of the Baltic States, Poland and Sweden, other countries have been to scared to call this what it is - a war against an independent country. I am so disappointed.

The population of the US is ignorant, and for the government let's be real - Georgia is too small and strategically too insignificant to matter that much. While condemning Russia's actions has happened (Bush even mentioned invasion of a sovereign country - whoever wrote his speech is bolder than European leaders) and I am glad for that, no real sanctions has happened. I am also happy the new president candidates both spoke out against Russia's action. The US has a real political chance here to improve it's image in the eyes of the world. If punishing the "terrorists" is on the agenda and protecting democracy and freedom are supposedly its value, now when civilians are being killed and an independent country attacked - something that is actually real and serious - action should be taken. Now if the US would stand up against this tyranny, it would earn my respect and the respect of many others.

Russia knew real well that nobody won't do anything. It knows it can do what it wants. The fact that the attack was planned precisely on the day of the launch of the Olympics was no coincidence.

What is important to understand here is that how this situation resolves determines the future. If Russia gets away with bombing another country, and it's justifications are accepted, this is the new beginning of the evil empire. The same excuse - protecting it's citizens - was used by Hitler when it invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938.

Russia has a point in their constitution that says that Russia can protect its citizens wherever they are in the world. Add to this the fact that Putin said "the collapse of Soviet Union was the #1 geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century" and it will be clear that the independence of many countries - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine - is not as secure as we thought. Russia is keen to establish itself again as a superpower, and re-conquer its neighbors. How easy it would be to launch an attack using the excuse to "protect the Russian minority".

For me how the world reacts to attack on Georgia indicated what the world would do if my home will be invaded.

I am so sad for Georgia. I was on the verge on achieving an economic breakthrough, but now it has been set back for years to come. It just hope they will at least retain their freedom.

Panama real estate

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