Want to buy or rent properties in Dubai? Check out this site. Yes, this is the company I work for. If anyone asks you about real estate in the UAE, tell them is the address to remember:)

The website was just launched a few days ago and we are testing initial reactions. We will have new improved design in about 2,5 weeks time.

My request to you: please add your comments on site's design and features to this post (or send me an e-mail), so we can improve it. All new cool ideas are much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

real24 lehel "How to find us" puudub map (ei avane)

Sirle said...

Liiga palju real24 logo on esilehel.

Seif said...

heeey peep i saw the site few days ago . it is very nice and straightforward . congratulations to the team, hoping a good continuity and the best of luck ;)

Priit said...

hi, peep,

like your site. good design.
but maybe loading to slow?