Skype blocked

And so they killed our Ferdinand. Skype is now blocked in the UAE. Before you couldn't transfer money to your SkypeOut account, but now you can't even connect to the software. Both in and out of the freezones. Bastards. Local telecom Monopoly Etisalat fears VoiP (voice over internet protocol). Calling through MSN is also not possible. So calling home now becomes expensive. Bastards.


Anonymous said...

If you mean by "calling home" calls to Estonia, try hotifon from estonian monopoly...

Anonymous said...

heh! i didn't know you can do that at all! in costa rica they just didnt install those features to the internet cafes but with your own computer you could do whatever you want.

and yes, hotifon works. until end of august i believe even calling to house phone is free.


Vegas Games said...

If skype is blocked that is just not fare so i found a way around it and no one can stop me from calling with skype when its "blocked" :) I use a service from the following site

VPN Connections

Hope it helps others too.

P.s. they also will provide a new connection if the isp block the ip you connect to to establish a vpn.

Read all about it on the site.
Skype Unblocked said...

I was able to bypass the block when I traveled to Dubai by using a VPN account.

Witopia PersonnalVPN said...


The best solution that works is the “personalVPN” from Witopia. It costs 39,99$ per year and is really simple to use.

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I hope we’ll see you back soon on Skype…

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Anonymous said...

The correct link is and the product is personalVPN not "personnal". It works great. Are you trying to steal their business or something????

alex smith said...

Currently I live in Thailand and I was blocked as well, but switched to a vpn solution. My provider is a monthly fee but at least there are no bandwidth charges at it's 24 hour support. I got a IpodTouch and they were right there to help me set it up.