Smells like dead pigeon

No I'm not trying to paraphrase Nirvana. I really have a dead pigeon smelling somewhere in my house. For months I heard pigeons making sounds in the ventilation shaft, so I knew I have birds as my neighbours. Now one of them decided to die and smell really bad.

The only positive thing is that the smell is localized in my bathroom. So if I'll close the door I can pretend everything is fine.

But don't use bathroom at my place unless you really have to.


Seif said...

Oh shit man ! you have to sort this out the soonest possible if you don't wanna catch a dead bird flu from your bathroom ventilation ! :)

Anonymous said...

Kuule, Seif räägib õigust. see linnugripp püsib keskkonnas päris kaua, isegi kuu.

Anonymous said...

Kas sa oma ventilatsiooni kinni kleepida ei saa kuidagi kleeppaberiga?