Going to the US

Yesterday I got my visa to the US. What a good feeling that was to hear "Visa will be sent to you...". Pheew! I was initially refused the visa in Dubai - I guess it was Dubai's attempt to get even with me after all that anti-propaganda. Well, I won - in your face Dubai!

US Embassy in Estonia and Dubai are like 2 very different organizations. The latter treats people like shit, in Estonia its a service oriented organization. Two very different experiences and outcomes. Oh it's good to be back in the free world.

Early next week I am departing to Austin, Texas to have the trip of my life. I will also go on a road trip with Sarah, going from Texas to California through many cool places (more about that in the future postings).

Yay for me!

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Tini said...

thats awesome news!!!
wish you a great time & make the best out of it ;-)