Enough time

I've been enough time away from Dubai. All the bitterness I had inside is gone (or at least most of it). Now Dubai has become a beautiful memory and I am nostalgic about it. Isn't it always so? Even a bad experience becomes a sweet memory. Dubai wasn't a bad experience, it was a damn good one. The time I spent there were one of the best years of my life. Sometime I think back to all the good times I had there... late night shisha, all you can eat buffets at the Iranian restaurant, manakish from lebanese bakeries, barbeques by the pool, house parties full of strange people and lots of booze, malls full of girls in abayas... Even the tough times with constant money shortage and sweat rain seem sweet now... Didn't think that I would say this, but I miss Dubai, the times I had. I wouldn't go back - that would probably ruin the image in my head. Thank you Dubai and thank you my friends who are still there, you made it unforgettable.

And now - on to the next adventure. More about that soon.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!!!!;)

eero said...

Sounds exciting. Best of luck!

Ayisha said...

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