About my life or how I woke up and started to smell the roses

How are you doing, Peep? I'm doing great, thanks for asking!

Every single day I only do what I want to do. I sleep until 9 usually and wake up because the sun fills my bedroom. I'll proceed to brew some tasty coffee grown right here in the highlands of Panama and I eat yogurt that comes from delicious Panamanian cows. I enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean from my rooftop pavilion and look at the pretty blue sky.

Every day I ask myself: what would I like to do the most today? This is a privilege most people don't have, and I am quite aware of it. My life is like that by design: I painted a picture of a life where only I make the decisions about my life and where I only do what I want. And then started to live this dream.
About a year ago I made myself a promise to never do anything again that I don't like. I broke this promise once (I'm just a mortal too), but it was a good lesson and taught me that I need to keep this promise to really enjoy life.

And you know what - when you stop doing things you don't like and only do things you enjoy - life is really good. In fact, it is fantastic. You can challenge me and tell me 'so that must be really boring because life is about challenges'. My answer is that no, in fact it is interesting as hell as I only do interesting things, and my life still is a challenge because I still have goals I want to achieve and I never stop growing.

So how is it that I get to live this kind of a life? A key reason is that I stopped working for other people.

The way I see it there are quite a few problems with working for other people (having a job). Sure, I used to work for other people too. While at times it was fun, I learned new things and met new people, I always had a boss. I had to comply with the rules of the company. I had to get up way too early in the morning and go to work and do what was expected of me – by other people. A company by definition is designed to maximize the profit - and who gets right profit? It's not you, the employee. You are just a cash cow that is milked to make money. Ok, that might have been too harsh, but think about it. Even when your boss calls you 'an asset to the company' and that might be true, then what does that mean, being an asset to the company that is? You've guessed it. You make more money to the company owners than other employees. If they'd lose you, they will make less money... so you're an asset. Congratulations!

And what's in it for you, dear employee?

Even when you do get paid a decent amount, you only make money when you work. You only get paid for the hours you go do something at work. This very well means that you will almost never get to live the life on your terms. Say you have enough cash to take a trip to your dream destination. Can you go whenever you like and stay for however long you like? No. You have to ask permission from your employer. You have limited amount of vacation days. You have so many other things you want to do with your days off as well, so basically chances of you taking your dream trip for 1 month just when you feel like it seems almost impossible.
So you’re putting all your energy into something where you have to do things for other people, take orders, play by their rules and they get all the money. That doesn’t seem fair to me.

Luckily, there is a better way - go solo.

I am launching some cool projects soon that will make people happy. I will teach them exactly how to achieve the kind of lifestyle they only dream of right now. Spanish-speakers and Estonians will the first ones to benefit, as Secretos de Mercadeo en Internet and Internetiturundus ehk kuidas teenida raha projects will be released in the coming months.

March is an exciting month for me. Next week we're going to Cuba (to visit it while Fidel is still alive) and end of the month we'll have visitors coming here to Panama.

Can't wait.

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Tubli mees! :D Edu, elan siitpoolt kaasa.