I love my life

The other day here in Hawaii we were looking for a restaurant to get some food, and we stumbled upon a really great one which happened to be packed. What the hell, we wondered. Then we realized: it was lunch time (on Monday). When you live your life as you please then you start to forget about these things - that people follow a certain routine.

They wake up with an alarm clock to go to work. They have a set lunch hour. And then they get to go home. This reality seems so far from me now. I have forgotten what it was like to have a job like I have forgotten what it was like to wear glasses. I am so much used to my current reality.

I was talking to Sarah yesterday and we acknowledged how lucky we are. Some of our age people are still making the transition into the world of jobs (from the world of studying), we have already transitioned out of it.

I love my life and I love what I do. Like the saying goes: if you love what you do you, you won't work for a single minute in your life. It's all a fun adventure.

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