My last AIESEC conference

I just returned from Estonia where I chaired the AIESEC Annual Conference 2007. Most likely it was my last AIESEC conference where I had an active role. When I told the same to my friend Sherif he laughed and said he has said this too many times already and probably the same applies to me.

Anyways it was a blast and also a learning experince. Thanks for that! You can see one of the outcomes of the conference here:


Seif said...

Well Mr Laja, i didn't know you have such acting talents ! let's go together to hollywood ! Mel Gibson need someone like you for his new film :)

Marjam said...

Peep, aitäh, et AK-le tulid, jagasid ja meeleolu tekitasid! Oli eriline konverents, mida päev edasi, seda selgemalt nii tundub.