Other dimension

I have been in Estonia now for over 2 weeks. Going back to Dubai in 2 days. Right now Dubai seems so far away.. its like another dimension, a parallel universe. Dubai everyday reality is a dream and now I have woken up. Life here is completely different. Its like Dubai doesn't exist. I guess I've lived here for so long it doesn't take much time to feel again like everything is normal. Or maybe its that in my subconcsious mind I want to leave the Middle East so bad that my mind wants to forget everything related to it. Who knows. Anyways it will be my everyday reality very soon again. Sorry, my unconcious mind. I'll make it up to you.

Anyways global warming is ruling in Estonia too. December 2006 was the warmest December in 200 years. What's supposed to be a really cold winter with a lot of snow is actually something between autumn and spring. The picture was taken yesterday in my home garden. Some flowers and trees are in blossoms. The nature doesn't know how to handle this unexpected warmth.

Soon the song "I'm dreaming of the white christmas" will get a new meaning as it will remain a dream forever. Hopefully not.

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