Fight for survival

How many of you feel that taking care of basic survival is stopping you from living the life you want to live? I mean do you feel that doing your 9-5 (or whatever) job to earn money to buy food (and other necessities) is not enough to live the life you want?

Let's say you want to visit Vanuatu. Then a month later you wanna go to France. Then you wanna do some cool stuff elsewhere. Go to the forest and pick berries. But you can't 'cause A) you might not have enough money, and B) you have used up all your vacation days!

Is it okay that we accept this without questioning? Is it fine that we spend this one, precious life like this - not living the life we truly want! And deserve!

I'm not saying we are suffering because of that - there is plenty of joy. What I'm saying is that life could be much more than that. There has to be much more to life than that. Raise the bar! Set higher standards! We deserve more! I demand more!

Time to take action.

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