Why be an average guy any longer

This is a subject of a spam e-mail I got today. Sometimes these spams have funny as hell subjects. And somebody has to come up with those cool subjects to make a living. If there's a brainstorming team behind it, Im sure they have loads of fun every day. It would cool to be in their team for a day.

Most of the spam mails are trying to sell me viagra and penis enlargement stuff.

Some more examples from my spam folder(warning, might contain foul language):

Do you want to feel success, have fantastic, pretty ass?
She will love you more than any other guy
Separate yourself from other men
Your dream is to be wanted and desired by women?
She's asking you to prove your love to her
Your penis doesn't listen to you?
Your mind is saying let’s go but your dick is saying “no”
After taking Penis Enlarge Patch, you will have to use the condom of the biggest size
Suffer from headaches? Sex can help you like nothing else. Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction? Viagra Pro can help you like nothing else
Your sex popularity is in your hands and in the hands of Ultra Allure Pheromones
Do you want to be the king of the party?
With Penis Enlarge Patch your cock will grow like on yeast
The difference between a big and small penis is like the difference between a tiger and a cat
Get more passion from women than ever
You are not really sociable and have troubles with making out with women
Even if you don’t like the way you look, a big dick from Penis Enlarge Patch can make up for the rest
With our Soft Cialis Tabs you can even have sex with your ex
It doesn’t matter that you don’t have any feelings for her, with Super Viagra you can have it if you want her
Do you want to possess the whole world?
... etc ...

Somebody can base their bachelor's thesis on the brand messages of spam! I see a strong alignment in the messages :)

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Anonymous said...

Kuda Sa nii palju spammi saad :D
Ma võiks ka selliseid spamme saada, oleks päevad veel naljakamad :D
aga päris naljakas oli lugeda jah :D:D:D

pakaselisest Tallinnast (brrr -20 kraadi)