Let the trip begin!

Tonight I'm sharing my culture with my people here by cooking Estonian dinner and tomorrow the month-long journey across the country starts. Road trip! I have heard that USA has so many breathtakingly beautiful places, that I can't wait to start. Before that I will have the chance to attend a NBA play-off game (Spurs vs Nuggets).

I'm gonna give you an overview of where we're going by showing some maps. MapQuest allows you to make route maps with up to 10 destinations, so I'm providing you with 3 maps showing our route along with key landmarks where we're gonna stop (we'll stop in a lot of places, but won't list them all here). Here's the first map:
We start from Austin, Texas and continue to San Antonio, going through a German settlement Fredericksburg, then crossing over to New Mexico where we will go to Carlsbad (that has awesome natural caverns for us to explore), Roswell (checking out the aliens) and Cloudcroft where Sarah's uncle lives. We'll continue to a place called Truth or Consequences (its really called that!) and end up in the state of Arizona where we'll first go to the Apache indian reservation.

After visiting the Apache people we'll stop here and there in some national parks in Arizona, avoid the major cities (to save time as they're not so cool anyway) and head out to California. First stop will be in the famous Joshua Tree National Park. After that we'll continue to Los Angeles, check out Hollywood and other local places of interest. After LA we'll move on to Santa Barbara to see the soap opera people and check out the rich folk (apparently Santa Barbara is the city of rich people). Next destination is San Francisco and we'll drive the famous highway 1 on the coast and admire the beautiful ocean view. Half way we'll stop at some camping places. After SF we'll visit a California winery to enjoy some wine (Sarah's brother-is-law's brother has one). Next stop is Yosemite National Park (I've heard its one of the most beautiful places in the world), followed by Death Valley national park. Death Valley! Mwhahahah!
The third part of our journey goes from the Death Valley to Nevada - Las Vegas. Here I'm gonna earn my first million. With money in my pocket, we'll jump back to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. After seeing the wonder of the world, we'll head north to Utah and check out the amazing Zion National Park where I have heard we will feel really small as the nature is so big. Utah has the biggest sky in the world as well, they say. We'll sleep under the stars to make sure. We'll check out a couple of other cool places in Utah and move on to Colorado that has over 50 mountains that are over 4200 meters high. We'll visit the famous cool city Boulder and the capital Denver. After doing other cool stuff, we'll start heading south, back to New Mexico to visit some more national parks and indian reservations. Alas, all good things must come to an end and then its time to go back to Austin, Texas.

Total length of the trip: 5451 miles (8770 kilometres)
Total hours driving : 97.5 (approx)

I'm gonna try to post during the trip whenever I can (when I get to the internet). As I plan to spend majority of the time outdoors in the wilderness, I might not happen too often, but you never know.


Augusto said...

Peep... pen and paper still exist... enjoy the road trip and forget internet for a while... take notes and pictures and let us know afterwards ;) All the best my friend

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