On the road. In New Mexico.

Today is the 3rd day of our road trip. So far so good! We see a lot of road (as seen on the picture below), but the landscape that surrounds it luckily varies a lot. We've seen fields, plains, desert and forest so far.
The trip has been very enjoyable. I've seen old(er) and new kind of American buildings, many small towns (population between 1,000 and 10,000), cool plants, large skies (larger than I've ever seen) and emptiness (in the desert). I've seen wind mills producing renewable energy next to oil wells. That's kind of a weird sight.
We made it to the Roswell UFO museum - it was cool, but smaller tha I expected. Now I am convinced that what happened there with the UFO crash was a government cover-up :) Roswell as a city has a lot of character - cool 1960ies style buildings, a lot of alien-theme cafes and restaurants. It was weird to me that when entering Roswell the city sign said "Dairy capital". Trying to brand itself in a 2 different ways at the same time is no good!
We see a lot of endless roads which is kind of cool, romantic, longing and at time disheartening.
New Mexico is different from Texas (to me). It is more mountainous and the landscape changes more often. Look at this cool hill on picture below! We drove by many like this.
You can see mountains in the background. That's where we are right now.
We are currently in the Lincoln National Forest, visiting Sarah's uncle and aunt who live in the mountains, in James Canyon. We saw a herd of deer yesterday next to the house and 4 elk this morning. Very cool! We also drove around in the forest lst night on ATV-s (four wheelers). Nice entertainment.
Under the pinetrees you can spot our car - Honda Civic. Very small compared to the great outdoors!
This is what I see right now when I look out the window. After finishing this post we will go for a hike in the forest! We don't have a strict agenda nor tight schedule, we do what we want and check out all the cool places. The best kind of trip.

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