Happy birthday to me. Another year has passed and for the first time I truly feel older. It was hard (tiring) for me to party 2 days in a row. The good thing is that I don't really want to either, so its not like I'm missing out on something. I guess that's the good thing about aging - even though you get older and can not do all the things you did when you were 20, you start to want other things in life, and that makes it all right.

I feel a bit older than young, too. Even according to the law and business I'm not young anymore, most youth related laws and discounts are valid until you're 26. And that's okay. I've also never weighed so much as do now (a nice way to say 'I'm getting fat'). Luckily, that's reversible.

Am I afraid of getting older? To be honest it is a little bit scary, but not frightening. I know now better than ever before who I am, what my values are and what I want out of life. I am pleased with the experiences I have gathered on my path and happy that I am living my dream. I am happy and in love. What more could I want?
So where to from here? The whole world is open. I'll be in Estonia for the next month or so, and then - only the universe knows.


Augusto said...

Shame of me.. I forgot your birthday!! Well, I fortunate enough to know how you celebrated it... beer s and mosquitos, right?! Happy birthday man!!

Seif said...

Mr Laja ! it is a bit late but i wanna tell u happy 27th birthday and wish u were here for the celebrations and i bet it would have been the best drinking birthday party in the UAE :) R u back to estonia or not yet ?

Augusto... how are u doing man . where are u now ? back to italia ?

Annar said...

Happy Birthday!

Tiiu said...

Oo, Peep on ka vähk , tore tõdeda ja veelgi vahvam õnnitleda!