Here we go again

In a few days from now I will board a plane taking me away from home once again and to a new adventure. Its a strange kind of feeling I have. Excitement, thrill, sadness, joy... It is kind of hard to leave your family and friends behind for such a long time, but it is so exciting to go on this journey at the same time. I know I really want to do this. I know what a living abroad experience means and what it does to people. I've seen this in so many people around me and experienced it first hand.

I am ready to change my life for good once again.


Triinu said...

Hei Peep and Sarah!! wish you all the best in the next step of your life - Panama! Hope to see you around, soooonnn!!!!

beijos from Brazil!

Annar said...

Damn, i just arrived in Estonia and now everybody is leaving.

I'll come back next year.