Rainforest Park

Panama is covered with rain forest and has the largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere outside the Amazon Basin and its jungle is home to an abundance of tropical plants, animals and birds - some of them to be found nowhere else in the world.

There is a rainforest national park just 10 min drive away from downtown Panama City, and yesterday we went for a small hike there. I had never been in a rainforest before, only seen it from the movies - so in a way it was something very special to me. The forest was magnificent and beautiful. It had this specific smell to it - kind of sweet even. It was very different from what I call a forest, but very exciting.

I heard noises I had never heard before and saw different camouflaged bugs and lizards who where almost impossible to spot. The forest was inhabited by millions of big ants carrying stuff for their castle. What was amazing that they were not scattered around randomly, but extremely organized and only walked on selected pathways. They have probably walked those paths for years as they had almost become small canals in the ground due to the busy traffic.

The forest taught us some spiritual lessons about the importance of things and was truly magical. I look very much forward to going deep into the jungle.

PS! We found an apartment, moving in 1st of October. More about that later.


Downtown Panama City in the distance
Looking up
Ants working
Pathway in the park
Park entrance
Camouflaged bug

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Anonymous said...


been following your blogs closely since you arrived to Panama and must say that I am really happy for you to be able to live there! it is a paradise, just like you say! and do not worry about those small uncomfortable happenings on your way, they always happen. Panas are nice people!

good luck! know that we envy your paradise beaches and tropical rainforests there!