I'm currently in Austin, Texas - a nice change for hot Panama. Here the weather remind me of autumn in Estonia. There golden leaves on the trees, and it's cold. Didn't think it can get as cold in Texas, but what do you know. Now it's gotten better, but on the weekend it was around 6 degrees.

I'm staying in Austin for almost a month, going back to Panama after Christmas. So I get to experience the Christmas here too. So far the weather is stopping me to feel like Christmas (where's the winter?), but maybe it's too early. At least it's not like Dubai where I spent Christmas during a perfect summer weather.

I participated in my first Thanksgiving last week with Sarah's family. I'm beginning to understand why its so important for Americans. It's the food of course! Just kidding. (Although it was reaaaally good).

It's a strange feeling being back in the US. I spent 3 months here in the springtime and now when coming back it's a familiar feeling. The culture and surroundings here feel closer to home than Panama.

Anyways. Probably I'll report again once back in Panama to share my plans for the next half a year along with some Panama stories.


Annar said...

Know the feeling, we feel more home in NZ than in Turkey.

I still can not believe the claim that it can be cold in Texas. No movie ever showed that! wtf?!

Omar Cruz said...
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