Discover Your Purpose of Life

Do you know yet what is your purpose in life? Are you living your passion?

I think living a life of purpose is a spiritual experience.

I recently revamped the The One Question website that provides spirituality information and helps you discover your purpose in life.

Happy self-discovery!


..cCc.. said...

So just wondering. by reading some of your stuff, i got that maybe you have some religeous thoughts.... do you have any religeous beliefs? And i noticed you travel alot?? i love traveling, obviously with my age. i dont really have a say in when or where i want to travel. without parent consent. 2 years tho.... then i will be free to travel all the many places this world has hidden for exploring, with imagination. Well just was sayin hi.



Dave said...

Thanks for the tip on checking out this website. It's very interesting stuff.

Tiiu said...

****o***♥**o***o***♥ *

Head uut, igasse valdkonda!