Bag Quest

A while ago I had a post about Sarah's experience in a remote jungle village in Ngobe-Bugle (northern region of Panama). That was the beginning of something big. Now Sarah is working with the indigenous women of that community to empower them, help them make a living and support their kids and revive the art of making kras.

The women in the Ngobe community are making the most amazing handicraft - handbags made out of plant fiber (they call them 'kra'). It takes 2-3 months to make one bag. The art has been around for thousands of years, and now Sarah is helping the women to take this jungle treasure to the world.

She started a blog where she is writing about each step of setting up this venture. It's really cool, and it's a great way to peek into the journey of a social entrepreneur in the making.

Link: Bag Quest


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