Something you should watch

Yesterday I watched a documentary called Zeitgeist, recommended by a friend quite a while ago. I wish I had seen it sooner. It is a truly thought provoking movie you just have to watch.

It is about religion, the US, European Union, the grey cardinals behind the scenes and the world order in the wider sense. After seeing it so many things I witness in this world make more sense, and so many more questions arise. I would love to discuss this with you.

You can watch it at this address (it's free):

P.S. Skip the first 13 minutes of the movie which is boring and quite bad bla-bla intro that doesn't fit the rest of the movie.

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Hea vaatamine. Kui sind huvitab veel, kuidas kasutusel olev pangandussüsteem on mäda, siis soovitan vaadata järgmist videot. See koosneb viiest osast: