Being fat is bad for business

We all know that being overweight is not good for your health. Obese people are far more at risk to all kinds of heart and what not diseases. Being overweight is comparable to having diabetes or having high blood pressure

Now what you maybe didn't think about is that for companies that provide medical insurance having overweight employees is costing money because the insurance is more expensive. Companies all over the (developed.. or should I say fat?) world are starting to address this problem. Not for the sake of having fitter, happier and more productive employees, but because its costing them money.

According to workplace surveys in the US, the vast majority of organizations with 200 or more employees say they offer programs designed to help improve the health of employees, while about a third of smaller companies offer programs as well. All because obesity and overweight conditions contribute as much as $93 billion to the nation's yearly medical bill.

Why what I am saying concerns mostly US, is clear: among developed countries, the United States has the most obese and overweight people. Other countries are catching up fast - so maybe its time companies and governments (ministries of health) all over the world should start taking steps to avoid dealing with this issue on a much grander scale.

Then again for some being fat can be good for business. For instance Americans spend over 4o$ million annually on books, products and programs to help them lose weight.


Treissi said...

Being fat also reduces economic groth because the state has to enlarge spendings on health care. Check this out

Tabasco06 said...

I think its great that companies are getting involved in the fight against obesity. Adult americans arent doing much on their own, maybe if they had an incentive it would give them the jump start that they needed. And as adults become healthier they will pass it on to their kids resulting in loweing childhood obesity.

Tiiu said...

Marek ja Peep koputavad nende sissekannetega minugi enesetundele, see on hea!
Imelik , et mind ülekaalulisus kohutavalt häirib, aga mu tutvusringkonnas on inimesi, kes ise väidavad, et nende jaoks pole see probleem. Neile järelikult keha ei anna märku, et midagi on valesti?