Customer service excellence

As our company uses Google AdWords service, I have had to deal with Google's customer support people. For some reason their system rejected our credit card (now the problem has been fixed). Although the communication was via e-mail, it has been impressive. They have been trained to address client's frustrations and make them feel better. When a customer complains, then most of all he/she wants to be understood first. Here are some examples of how their e-mails begin:

"Thank you for your email. I understand your credit card was recently declined and you would like us to investigate this matter."

"Thank you for your reply.
I understand that you have re-tried your credit card and it is still not being accepted by our system."

"Hi Peep,
I understand that you are concerned about the current issue relating to your credit card and you wish to know if I have received any updates from our technical team."

...and so on. Although I understand that they follow their protocol and training, it still works! I feel like I'm being understood! And as a result I am happy and have positive feelings towards them.

What else can a customer support unit wish for!


Jaan said...

some things sound good only in Estonian, especially customer service related stuff

Von Krahli baar.
Mina: Hõõgveini, palun.
Teenindaja 1: Ei ole!
Mina: Ahah...
Teenindaja 2: Aga meil on ju hõõgvein menüüs?
Teenindaja 1: Paljugi, mis meil menüüs kirjas on!

nojah, võtsin midagi muud siis

Peep said...

My customer service experiences were not satisfactory either (to say the least), when I visited Estonia in the summer. Estonia has a loooong way to go, but first of all I think it starts with a customer. Customers have to demand good service and stop putting up with the crap.