EuroXpro 2007

I'm right now in Serbia - chairing an international (40 countries) AIESEC conference, EuroXpro 2007. It is quite amazing and I'm having so much fun. In January when I chaired the AIESEC in Estonia Annual Conference I thought that one will be my last and many people told me it was not. They were right. I can't imagine a better way to leave AIESEC (although I've been out for over a year now) than chairing a big, kick-ass conference.

I was invited to be the chair totally unexpectedly - and accepting the offer also meant I had to quit my job sooner than initially planned. I had to choose between an amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life and staying 2 last weeks in the office - it wasn't a difficult choice.

Now after the conference I will go back to Dubai for just 1 day, pack my stuff, have last shisha with my friends and leave the Middle East behind.


Anonymous said...

aeg vist läheb väga kiiresti ja huvitavalt!
28.03. siis kodus!

Schlude said...

Hey Peep,
also the best for your future challenges. What r ur plans, where r u goin to???
It is sad that we wont meet, if I pay Dubai a visit by the end of April!!!


Liisi said...

Lahe! Tahan rohkem kuulda sinu chairmisest :) Kohtumiseni online.

Marjam said...

Jeerum küll, you chaired EuroXpro? In Estonia there has been no rumours about it moving around (or maybe I've been moving in wrong circles, I got to know your special relationship with Annual Conference only a few days before it started:). Anyway I hope you met Alisa (she will be in Estonian MC 07/08) and you shared some of your insights with her.

Peep said...

Marko, I'm going to the US for a couple of months to travel and after that - I don't know yet!

Liisi - varsti raagime :)

Marjam - hahaa, the MC knew about it, but it was meant to be a secret. I met Alisa and we had a good chat :)