The good, the bad, the ugly

My last post about leaving Dubai seemed to communicate that I hate Dubai. No, I don't hate it, otherwise I would have left long time ago. As with every place in the world, there are the good and bad sides. Negative sides always get more attention as it's much more fun to bitch about something than to praise it. We tend to take the good things for granted often.

Sure, there are a lot of things that I don't like about Dubai and I could go and on about it. I will be better off somewhere else for sure.

So what do I find good about Dubai?

1. It's sunny. Yes, it can be freaking hot, but sunlight gives so much energy and makes the day brighter. It beats the Nordic darkness.

2. It's safe. During my 20 months here nothing has ever happened to me, I haven't encountered any criminal activity. I only know of 1 case during this time when a friend of mine run into some trouble, but that's it. It is a safe place.

3. Level of service in restaurants, bars, hotels etc is very good most of the time. Way better than in Estonia. Excellence in customer service is unfortunately limited to business mentioned above, if you go to a travel agencies or any other service place, they are mostly useless there.

4. Life is easy and career comes fast. If you are educated and proactive, you can get a good job and advance quite fast. Many people come to Dubai to enhance their career. Life is easy here most of the time, white collar people don't struggle. It's quite a laid back and stress-free environment.

5. It's diverse, multicultural. Sure, it's dominated by South Asians and Arabs, but still you meet here people from all the nationalities. It's colorful and I'm big on color. I like that I can eat in authentic Indian restaurants, go party at African bars or smoke shisha in places with Arabian touch.

6. This is not exactly about Dubai, but I like its proximity to a range of interesting places. Traveling from Dubai is quite cheap to so many cool countries.

These were the main things that came to me right now.

Dubai lacks so many things that are important to me and it has a lot that clash with my personal values, so we're not a good match. I'm eager to start my new adventure.

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