More reasons to leave

As I mentioned in one of my posts, the Gulf is clashing with my values which is one of the key reasons why I want to leave. There are disgusting things happening which the rest of the world has probably no idea about.

Your housemaids are pretty much your property and they have no rights. I'm sure torturing cases like this are not rare, most don't have a way to escape or are too afraid to come public. People get punished for being in the same car just because you are not married. What if I have to drop a friend or a colleague somewhere? How fucking ridiculous and stupid!? What is this, stone age?

Slavery is still legal here and nobody does anything. Countries involved in slavery had to pay huge fines and apologize until this day, but when it is happening right now, today, no one does anything - for money and political reasons. Just today there was an article how workers who wanted a raise in the salary and voiced against slavery will be deported from the country. Minister of Labour said what they did was illegal. Imagine that - it is illegal to want a better life, to stand up against slavery. The salary they earn is 550 dirhams - this is very close to extreme poverty. You cannot live a decent life with 5000 dirhams, you struggle. 550 is unthinkable in this country where everything is so very expensive.

I could go on and on. This country is just a nice facade and utterly rotten inside. I can't wait to leave.


Anonymous said...

hmm, what was your income as newcomer in Dubai. If I recall it correctly, it was very close to slavery:)

Peep said...

Not true. When working at AIESEC, I got 2200 dirhams per month and it was already very difficult, I lost 10 kg weight in 8 months because I couldn't afford to buy food. Half of my salary (1000 dirhams) went to accommodation and I had to share a room. So imagine if you have just 550 to spare for which you have to do everything. Rent prices now are much higher than it was in 2005.

But that was different as this was working for a non-profit, I was not doing it for the money, I was doing it for the mission. This is a whole different game. People work for non-profits also for free.

sabaza said...

Hey all...

Funny how the court that settled this case is in Ajman...

People from Dubai go to Ajman to buy bootleg alcohol because it is the only place in the UAE where you can buy alcohol at cheap prices off the shelf...Guess where our little haven is located in Ajman!!!


Meanwhile, not defending it or anything, but this couple were caught in a compromising position (having sex) in public, but because the guy was a UAE national and the girl was Arab, they could't write it in the paper...[Think about it, initial charge was rape - how come?]

Peep said...

Yeah, the location of the liquor house is hilarious.

I see your point regarding the couple. Poor people!