So I was here (in the US) for the Superbowl. Not too much is known about it outside the US, but here its BIG. "People go crazy!", I was told. But as with everything in life, not everybody cares that much about the same things.

The event I attended had a decent amount of people, but only like 2 people in the crowd knew American football well, but even they didn't care that much. Of course the Texan team (Dallas Cowboys) was not playing, so that contributed to the people not caring that much. It was mostly about food, beer and being together.

(Isn't that like always the case with any event? Christmas? Eid? Jaanipäev? Birthdays? There is something magical about food, drink and being together).

One of the best things about the Superbowl is supposedly the commercials they play during the breaks. Companies pay millions for them. And often they create special commercials just for the Superbowl. This year - I wasn't impressed. Some were funny, a lot were confusing, but all in all I think that was a huge waste of money. People watch the commercials for entertainment and hardly pay any attention to the brands. The one I liked the best was only 1 second long for a beer called High Life. In the commercial a guy shouted "High Life!".

The funny thing for me was that they called the winning team the champion of the world. I can invent a sport, play it in my kitchen and be the champion of the world too! I understand that the US is the only country playing it, but still. If you're using the fact that nobody else plays, why stop with the world? Be intergalactical champion! Champion of the universe!

Maybe next time I'll try to go with a diehard group, just to see if its any different from lets say (real) football final, (the real) World Cup. Yes, I'm biased.

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