Vatican agrees evolution is real

Vatican has recently announced that they agree Darwin was right and that the threory of evolution is a story of what actually happened, man did evolve from ape.

The Vatican also dealt the final blow to speculation that Pope Benedict XVI might be prepared to endorse the theory of Intelligent Design, whose advocates credit a “higher power” for the complexities of life (naturally they still say god created the evolution, they did not render themselves obsolete, yet).

This leads me to some questions.

- Will some Christian schools continue to teach "intelligent design" even though Vatican itself said Adam and Eve is a fairytale?
- Will the Republican Party in the US ackowlegde this and change their position? (During the last elections when the Republicans were still choosing their candidate, a question was asked from the candidates whether they believe every word that Bible says, and most said "yes")
- If Adam and Eve were not created by god, then doesn't that mean a whole bunch of stories in the bible (Cain, Abel etc) were now officially declared... well, just stories - no more real than Red Ridinghood?

On a side note - Estonia was just declared the least religious country in the world, followed by Sweden, Denmark, Norway. Finland is also among the top. These Nordic countries care and provide the most for their citizens. Nowhere else in the world the social system is so good. Nowhere else the living standard is so good. Education is free (including higher education). Healthcare is free. People of Denmark are also the happiest in the world. Yet what is missing is religion. The values of helping each other out, caring for the poor and the sick and the less fortunate is the centerpiece of these societies. Yet religion is not on the picture. On the other hand, the most religious countries in the world are also among the poorest. Or care the least about their citizens (each man for himself).

Could it be that when you rely on god to take care of things, nothing much happens... but when you start relying on yourself to get things done, all good things come to be?


simonsays said...

"rich" is also pretty much a religion.

Peep said...

i guess you can say that, but here I meant the activities / ideas towards the supernatural

Birgot said...

Dear Peep, I like Your remarks and the final question a lot! Here in Nigeria I've had very many conversations about god, church, religion and spirituality.. Good luck with relying on yourself and getting things done, Well done! :)

Peep said...

Thanks for the comment, Birgot!

I have had most of my conversations on religion also while travelling.. its cool.

In Estonia its a non-issue, and everybody has kind of the same view, so nothing to talk about.

Anonymous said...

As far as Bangladesh goes, i havent got the feeling that people really rely on god 100%. I think the issue is more, that every person wants feel that there is a better future and wants to feel secure. Being poor, there are a lot of factors what are uncertain and generate uncertainty. Will i be able to buy food for another month? Will i be able to send my kids to school? etc.
But nevertheless, i agree that it is an additional source of motivation, when you know your body is your greatest tool your ever posses and most what happens in life is up to you.