Lets tango, baby!

Me and Sarah started to dance tango some time back and we love it! Excitment, fun, passion, love, forbidden fruits... its all in tango. Tango is like as much a language, a way to communicate as speech. In the same way as many of us love the poetry and adore its beauty, you can feel and breath life and all its beauty through tango. Its an art that happens in front of your eyes and you can be the art itself.

Yesterday we went to see a tango show (and to dance ourselves), and Sarah noticed that the people on the dancefloor were from so many nationalities - arabs, malaysians, britons, indians etc (ca 10 different), and they were all dancing this latin american dance, having the time of their lives. It was beautiful - like a symbol for cultural understanding, peace and diversity.

Then we watched a lady (about 45 years old), a successful lawyer as we were told, dancing tango, showing off her legs, body and she seemed to forget who she is and what kind of an image she is usually carrying with herself. At that moment, she was just living in the moment, fully dived into the sea of tango, enjoying her self.

I remembered what the CEO of Harley Davidson said, that what they sell is the ability for a 43-year-old accountant to dress in black leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of him. Same thing with tango. When dancing tango, you can be the irresistable vamp, femme fatale or casanova. Sexy and mysterious. Desirable and charming.

One of my tango teachers told me she is going to deliver a speech on "Tango: sport or art?" and then asked everybody (fellow dancers) what do they think about it. Most of them said its an addiction, a passion.

I think I'm close to being addicted. Feels good.


Deniss Rutsheikov said...

Hei Peep!

Tahtsin vaid öelda, et sa oled jätkuvalt arvamusliider paljudes küsimustes minu jaoks. Aitäh huvitavate ja väärtuslike mõtete jagamise eest sinu blogis.

Eriti just see sinu õnne kontseptsioon - arvan, et enamik inimesi ei saagi aru, kuidas nad saavad olla õnnelikud. Otsivad seda asjades, rahas, seksis, reisimises, alkoholis, töös, õppimises, shoppamises... Ja vaid vähesed jõuavad juba nooruses arusaamani, et õnn on tegelikult elu ise. Tundub, et oled jõudnud selle arusaamani ;)

Varsti saad minult meili (on vaja su nõuannet).

Naudi elu! Naudi õnne!


Peep said...

Aitäh Deniss!