Stuff that matters

What really matters? How much is too much? Am I making a difference? Are you?

We go to work, have meetings, create documents, do stuff. Is this stuff really important? What did you do today that really matters?

Over 40 Gallup studies show that 75% of us are disengaged from our jobs. About the same number of people are thinking of changing jobs (which doesn't mean they will, most of the people are too scared to go out of their comfort zone). Generally I see the trend that people want to do stuff that matters (more). Or maybe its just me.

We work hard, compete with other people, have huge to-do lists, get stressed, worry about stuff.. that is not important. Our lives are often unnecessarily complicated. We're getting tired. We want to smell the roses. What to do? Many of us are asked to sacrifice our own needs for the good of the company. Does it really matter if I work harder? Where's the finish line?

The endless pressure won't go away. The change has to come from inside, from the choice we make. About stuff that really matters.

You give a portion of your life to the organization you work for. We've got to make sure this time is used wisely. Time spent is gone forever. Time wasted means you have less time for the real thing.

One might say I work to pay the bills and I do the meaningful stuff outside my work. But work is one important sphere in a rich, full existance. We often spend there most of our time (when we're not sleeping). If you only find joy and meaning from stuff that happens outside, I don't think its enough.

I don't want to do anymore stuff that doesn't matter. Its like selling my soul. I don't want to do that. Do you?


Triinu said...

i agree with you, it's important to do meaningful things and find meaning to things we do, but while at that it's also important to acknowledge that not always the meaning is nor should be about 'saving the world' type of things. also maybe the meaning needn't be there in every single step you take, but rather in the path you walk.

i actually remind that to myself when i get too far with a search of a meaning. 'too far' in a sense that i forget to recognize that different people find different things meaningful, and that the aspirations, dreams, potential etc etc vary, and that a cleaning lady could have just as much meaning to things as anyone else :). depends, right!?

i'd still go for "saving the world", creating change, realizing for what i believe is my potential etc etc type of things (maybe i'm that sort of person then), but i don't exclude the possibility that one day all that matter are my kids and family, and that the meaning would be in that only, and not about the work or the world that remains unsaved :)))

Peep said...

I absolutely agree with you Triinu. You can "change the world" in many ways. Think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Anita Roddick to name a few (well-known) revolutionaries.

What I think is important is to find your own personal mission and then stay on your purpose.