Things can be different

The government of UAE finally decided that they will change the weekend. Currently the official weekend is thursday-friday, and from first of september onward it will be friday-saturday. Great number of companies already work from sunday to thursday, as do I, but not everybody.

And apart from being in synch with the developed world (different weekends created a 4-day blackout), finally, families and friends will all be off at the same time. Its very normal that kids go to school on saturday while parents have a day off. Okay, some parents might like it, but Im sure most would like to spend time with their kids.

Planning an outing with more than five attendees will no longer need a customized software solution.

Not everybody is happy of course. If this has been the weekend for you all life long, it can be hard to adjust to the changes.

6-day or 5,5 -day working week is also quite common for some companies, whether this changes too, remains to be seen.

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