Life, universe and Dubai

The first time I read about the UAE was in the early ninties, when I was reading a magazine on global issues ("Aja pulss") and it had an article about the UAE. How they're building cool stuff in the desert and watering plants to create greenery. I remember being wowed. When I came to know of the possibility of moving to Dubai, I became excited. I had heard magical things about the place. I read more stuff on the internet and it seemed exciting and miraculous.

Now more and more often I come across conversations about how life in Dubai is not the same anymore, and maybe its time to leave. The cost of living is going up in the speed of sound. Rent prices are rising fast (last year on the average 35%), landlords pumping more and more money out of tenants. Even a dump costs a fortune. Companies are hesitant to pay fully for the increased rent prices for their employees. The overall cost of living is going up and up, while there isn't an increase in the quality of life. I guess Dubai is not the attractive place to move to and make money anymore, especially if people consider the cost of living and the salaries. VAT tax will probably be introduced in a year or two, which makes the whole thing even more expensive.

Traffic. Most people killed in the traffic accidents in the world. Traffic jams that make you go hmmm. Getting from point A to point B takes ridicoulous amount of time. Traffic culture is often beyond understanding and has become one of the most talked about topics between the residents and in the media.

When new real estate developments were announced, everybody used to be in awe. The Palm, Burj Dubai and so on. Now when you hear of "rotating cities" and god knows what new things, you just shrug. Great, another useless overhyped development which the world doesn't need. Thank god for real estate developers! Reaction of the people is more sarcastic than welcoming. Nobody cares anymore.

Overall superficiality of Dubai can drain you. Everybody in Dubai has had a conversation about it. The city without a soul. A friend of mine recently said she just needs to get out for some time.

I don't feel the charm of Dubai anymore. Don't even remember if I ever did feel it. Sure I've had fun here. You can have good times everywhere with the right company. But I'm beginning to feel I'd like to go on having that fun elsewhere.

For sure there are nice things about Dubai, life's been good to me overall. Just getting a bit tired. Maybe I need a break.


wom said...

I've never been to Dubai, but from others, it sounds like it's a better place to visit as a tourist rather being a permanent resident. I don't know, it is pretty expensive for sure though.

lol, I think all the richer countries in the Middle East are trying to make their areas "green". I read somewhere Saudi was planning a huge aritifical lake near Riyadh.

Anyway, I'll try to visit Dubai soon.

liina said...

sry, su inglise keel on normaalne, aga kohmakas. eestikeelset blogi oli fun lugeda (see keel on sul väga hea), aga inglise keelne variant on väga nõrk. ei ole siin enam mõtet ega sisu. miks sa punnitad keeles, mis pole sulle omane? kirjuta eesti keeles ja lugejad naudivad seda! sul on väga hea kirjanduslik väljendus ja grammatika. use it! in your own language.

sarah said...

His words are brilliant in any language. In English, more of us can read them.

Peep said...

Kahtlemata suudan end emakeeles paremini väljendada, ent mu blogil on palju inglisekeelseid lugejaid. Kui sa ei leia siit enda jaoks enam midagi, siis mis teha. Mitmed siiski leiavad ja kirjutan nendele edasi.

Airita said...

hi peep! im aire, was trainee in malta few years ago and now in india recently. my indian friend will open an architect office in dubai in september and im getting keen to know something about the place. so your blog is very helpful to me! are you leaving dubai now for good? or just taking a break? take care and enjoy! very good reading, really!

Peep said...

Hey Aire! Thank you for your comment. I was in India as well last autumn and I believe we also met some the same people (I stayed in the trainee flat in Delhi for a week). This architect is not the crazy venezuelan Jesus?:)

I'm not leaving Dubai yet. Just now gonna visit Oman for a few days and then in 1 month I'll spend some time in Estonia.

Liina said...

Su blogi oli mul favoriitides, uurisin huviga. Mitte väikest osa ei mänginud selles Su ülihea eesti keel. Sellist kohtab harva Eestiski :) Niiet ära pane pahaks, aga ma enam ei uuri Su blogi, sest su inglise keel on sama keskpärane nagu mul endal ja see pärsib kogu infovoolu. jube lahedad olid Su kommentaarid naaberriikidest (AÜE-s). Tänks!
and good bye!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to find your blog:) And I know where Estonia is:) There is many people in the USA (is where I live) that don't know where my country is(Poland). So we are from the same part of the world:)
I was looking for a info about life in Dubai because this is where I want to go...USA sucks! Sorry if anybody has other opinion, but I just cannot stand it(was here for 4 years).
I meet my futher husband in usa when visiting florida...he is from gulf area and glow up in usa..
We think USA is no culture, no roots and no class or values.
I heard so much about year I lived in Bahrain and I liked it...I love cosmopolitan cities and arabic culture and I think I would love Dubai, but after what you said I really would like to speak with you. This is very important so please, my friend, send me an e-mail and help me decide and know more about DUbai..thank you so much and Have a great day,


my e-mail:

Airita said...

hey there! nono its not jesus! :) he left india almost at the same time when i arrived. yeah, i remember now, people talking about estionan guy peep, i arrived india one week after you left. :) and those people in that flat where you lived, became my favourite friends. i started to live nearby, just 20 minutes walk from that house. :-)

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