Work in progress

This post is about my office. I'm gonna show you some pictures so you can get a glimpse of what it looks like.

This is the entrance to the building. Al Murooj Plaza!
On the rooftop there's a pool and a gym, where I go work out.

This is my desk. The chair is really comfortable. Some dude cleans the desk every day, so I can create all the mess I want and its all nice and tidy the next morning. Yeah.

Me pretending to work. I'm already quite good at it.

Team mates Janek and Meelis, sharing the room with me.

Conference room. This is the place where all the good ideas come to existance.

The table gets dusty very quickly.

Biggest room in the office. This is were all the flirting takes place. There's a really comfortable couch as well (even 2).

Music provided by Dubai 92.

There's also a kitchen (fridge full of cold beverages and apples) and my manager has a room for himself as well, but I won't show you what they look like.


Seif said...

hey peep, nice office ;) see u soon

Peep said...

you'll see it yourself pretty soon :) cheers!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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