Fun with moving

Finally I moved! Feels so good. I like my new place. Makes me feel like a normal human being!

As most of the things in country, the whole process didn't go that smoothly. Everything started out nice since the day I found the ad in the paper. I called, one guy showed me the flat and it seemed nice. It was unfurnished at the time, they said after I confirm that I'll take the place they will furnish it within 48 hours. Okay, deal. Next day I met the owner - nice Indian dude, 53 years of age. His main business is women's garments (I also had the chance to see his shop), all the clothes are handmade by his company. Real estate is just his hobby. He buys small old flats, renovates them and rents to earn extra income. First challenge came when I told him which flat I want (I was showed 3) - turned out this is more expensive, although the dude who showed it to me said all 3 are same price. I tried my luck negotiating this (I had also just finished a book called "Getting to Yes" about principle based negotiating) and was successful in getting the cheaper price after all (convincing him to put the higher price to another flat).

So far so good.

In 2 days I went to pick up the keys - was supposed to meet the same dude who showed me the place, but of course he wasn't on time and I spent around 40 minutes just waiting for him. Finally he came and showed the flat - now with the furniture inside. First thing I noticed - ugly metal dining table and chairs. Rest of the furniture was pretty nice, although some of the stuff that was promised to me was not delivered yet (I will receive the missing pieces today inshallah). Before handing over the keys he wanted to demonstrate how the lock works. Well, it didn't. At all. So he called some repair dude who started to change the lock. I waited for 5 min. Then another 5. Since changing the lock doesn't usually take that long I asked how much more time does he need? "2 hours". 2 HOURS!? I demonstrated that I wasn't pleased with what he told me, called the owner - who also spoke to the repairdude - and I was told 30 min. Okay. 30 min it is. I waited for 25 minutes, showed him how impatient I am and poor fellow finally got scared, left for a moment and came back with a locksmith - who changed the lock in 2 minutes.

He charged money of course and they wanted me to pay for it! Clearly I refused and told them what I think of their wonderful idea. So all seemed well now. I went back to my old place, got all my stuff and took everything to my new home. Last challenge was that there was no water. Water Authority guys were on their way, I was told, so I had to wait for 15 min. 15 minutes became 2 hours. Every now and then I called the dude to check where are the waterguys. "5 more minutes", was the answer every time. It seems to be in their (indian) culture that they try to make you happy by telling you what you want to hear (they'll be here very soon!), but it results in frustration as I can't plan my time and lot of time is wated. He said I have to be there as they need to get in to my place. Hunger was attacking and made the wait long. Finally it was pretty late and supermarket close by was about to be closed, so had to go there for some shopping, although the waterguys wadn't arrived yet. When I was in the shop, I got a call that everything is all right now. So 2 hours spent on waiting were in vain. Nice.

First I was told that the rest of the furniture will be delivered 9:30 in the morning. 10am I called: "Oh, Mr Peep, How about 5 in the afternoon?". Remains to be seen :)

I will post pictures once all the stuff is there and I've had some chance to decorate it.


Anonymous said...

kas kylaliste tuba on valmis?

Peep said...

külalistetuba ei ole, kuna tegemist studio flatiga :) aga kalleid külalisi saan võõrustada ikka!