Goal of life reached. So now what?

Quite often when you ask people "what's your goal of life?" or something similar, they say "happiness", "being happy". If thats the ultimate goal, then I've achieved it. I'm happy. Even very happy. Problem-free. So now what? This must mean there's gotta be more to life than happiness. Being happy is not enough. I want more. (Does this mean I am not happy?)

Anyways. Some good news. I'm moving! After a long search I found a suitable place and will move in to my studio flat tomorrow. Will keep you posted regarding this (and provide pictures soon!).

Life in the office is going smoothly, only the launch of our service (the real estate portal) is delayed a bit, so most of the exciting things are still yet to happen. Also most of our staff hasn't arrived yet, right now it's just 3 of us. Hopefully within 2 weeks all of us will be here and we can start kicking (real estate) butt. I'll also try to remember to take my camera to work and will take some pictures of my office as well.

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Luba said...

I think, it is not correct to think that we have one goal of our life. If we analyse our life we have hundreds, thousands of goals (each day we set some goals that we want to achieve, e.g. to get new job, to go abroad, to have party with friends, etc., even if they are small ones, they still are goals of our life). And we are not limited with it, each of us can have his/her own goal/s (to go to moon, to change gender etc.) that could be changed in one moment depending from personal wishes and mood.
And, I suppose,"being happy" is our emotional condition. You can be happy starting from your childhood and till the end of your days, if you don't stress e.g., about the lack of something (money, fashion clothes, about someone attitude etc.). There is no need to set such goal to become happy (it depends just from you, nobody can't influence you to be unhappy even in the worst living conditions, etc.), you just need to be happy.