Hi all. Again I have to start with an apology that I haven't been writing. Why? Mainly because I haven't been online. What has been happening?

I've been busy setting up this and that for the company I'm working for. We got internet just recently (yes, setting up everything from scratch!), set up the network and so on. Now a lot of things are finished and I can also be more in the office and write my blog. I promise you will find postings from me now frequently. Things at work are going well, I'm having fun.

Whatever the month, I'm having fun. Clubs, bars, house parties, barbecue, beach, swimming.. getting burned by the sun :) The weather is still nice (soon the hell begings!), so enjoying outdoors while I can. You can't underestimate having fun! Having fun should be on everyone's agenda (marked high-priority) as its one of the main ways to enjoy life! I believe you should have fun in whatever you're doing (what's the point of doing something if you're not having fun?), but there is always room for pure fun. Because having a good time makes life more colorful. And I'm big on color.

I spent some 4 days in Oman (again). I just love Oman! Especially because of the people. People you meet on the street smile at you, say "hello", shake your hand. And they don't want to sell you anything! Cars that drive by honk - and not because of the traffic, but they're just saying hello. Drivers smile and wave. You wanna cross the road? Cars will stop. You can make your country attractive to people the Coca-Cola way (pouring gazillion dollars into advertising), the Dubai way (pouring money into building stuff that's biggest in the world) or the Oman way: its intrinsic. Its the people. Gotta love that! In addition marvelous mountains and nature, relaxed atmosphere and blue sunny sky.

Bottomline: I'm enjoying life :)

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