The Personal MBA

Want to be educated, but don't wanna spend a fortune on it? There's a really cool concept called the Personal MBA (PMBA). Every answer to every question in the world is in the books. The PMBA doesn’t involve going into debt, and won’t interrupt your dayjob. Just set aside some dedicated reading time, learn from great books and go kick some butt!

My score so far: 4 books out of 42 of the proposed curriculum. Still a way to go :)

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MT said...

I like the idea and the list of books seems decent! Keep us in the loop as to how many you've got left to go til MBA itself ;)

Another question altogether of course is why MBA in the first place?

Cheers and keep up the great blogging.

Peep said...

Will do so :)

Why MBA? If its for free, why not! Every kind of knowledge comes in handy in life. If I were to pay 100k for it, then I would sit down and ponder whether is worth it and how does it match with my life's goals. Right now things are simpler.

Malcolm Z said...

Buying all those book is expensive, anyone have ideas on how to do a personal MBA for free?

If you are one of the thousands praising the PMBA in blogs, why not write an article on your area of expertise and put it forward as free course material - maybe with AdSense ads if you want to make some money.

Eventually an entire MBA course could be created from free articles.