Weekend trip

I hadn't been travelling inside the UAE for awhile and so it was cool to get an opportunity to do some of that. My friend Ahmed started an adventure club and as a proper club they organize cool outings. On friday I decided to go with him to check out Khatwa oasis and some other nice places. As my friend Mr Shady just got his new Jeep, it was a cool opportunity to take this baby for a ride as well. Places we were heading towards were near the city of Al-Ain, which is the greenest city in the UAE - very different from Dubai. Green and quiet. I bet it would be somewhat boring to live there, but for awhile could be really nice.

The oasis we went to was beautiful - looked like a postcard. Being there felt like being in another country, rather India than UAE. Sometimes nature looks so powerful that you feel totally insignificant. Nature (together with mountains) over there was magnificient.

When you live in Dubai where everything is artificial, you seem to forget that real nature also exists. In Dubai the trees look fake and flowers smell disgustingly (probably because they are being watered with recycled (read: shit) water). So all in all it was a nice getaway

As I haven't been posting a lot of pictures lately, take a look at some now:

Oh yeah, we went to the moon as well. This is how it looks like.

Some of our gang. I decided to hide myself by closing my eyes.

Like a postcard. Too bad that my camera couldn't capture the real beauty of that place.

Another view of the mountains and trees.

They were also growing some stuff in the oasis, looked like dill, cabbage and some other stuff. Smelled like tomatoes. Couldn't figure out for whom and what exactly.

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