Which country has the best cricket team?

A conversation I had yesterday in a taxi:

"Where are you from, sir?"
"Estonia! Do you play cricket?"
"Uh.. no"
"But you have such a good team!"
"I don't think so"
"Yes you do! The best in the world!"

Hmm? Not sure which country was confused with Estonia this time, but I guess as always you hear what you wanna hear. Word of advice: whenever somebody tells you something - listen!

(This is how taxis look like in Dubai. And for those who don't know much about Estonia - there maybe about 11 people in Estonia who know how to play cricket. Or less. )


Sportsbilly said...


I am the captain of the estonian Cricket team... check us out on www.cricket.ee!

Peep said...

Wow! Don't tell me - we have the best cricket team in the world and I'm just not aware about it :)

Keep up the good work guys!

ssdcccomau said...

peep, being away you unfortunately missed one of the best run chases in Estonian Indoor Cricket history. It happenned last Wednesday at the Kalev Indoor Cricket Centre. Eesti captain, Kristjan smashed an undefeated 20 including a 'four' of the second last ball of the match for a historic victory for the national team.